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O2 Brand Consulting is a boutique communications and public relations agency, born with the aim of oxygenating brands, giving them character in their positioning strategy, image, notoriety and perception by the client.


It delves into the history of each firm, learning its language and translating it to new trends and behaviors, thus being able to build its future history.


O2BC is specialized in the premium and luxury segment of sectors such as fashion, cosmetics, beauty, hospitality or lifestyle, among others.


We look to the past, we live in the present and we work for the future, from a creative and financial point of view.




Carlos Herrero

Carlos studied marketing and commercial management, combining both of his passions: the world of communication and customer relations.


Since his professional beginnings, more than 10 years ago, he has been directly and indirectly related to the luxury sector, getting involved in projects of positioning, notoriety and brand image, national and international.


In parallel, and from his own Instagram profile, Carlos collaborates as a brand ambassador with the world's leading luxury firms. His passion for aesthetics has led him to create a community of prescribers faithful to his style.

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